Revert a Git repository to a previous commit

I want to go back to HEAD being at 15ab882

SCSS Mixins to create Background Gradient

Simple and effective when you need to background gradient and orientation.

SCSS Mixins to create triangles

you just specify color , size and direction of your element
now,it's going to come out

Minifying CSS Using Gulp - Step By Step

Easy step to minify your css in Visual Studio Code
1.Install Gulp and some plug-ins
npm install -g gulp
npm install gulp-autoprefixer --save-dev
npm install gulp-csso --save-dev
npm install gulp-sass --save-dev
npm install gulp-rename --save-dev
npm install gulp-minify-css --save-dev

PHP : Fatal error: Call to undefined function imap_open()

it's cause of the IMAP extension is not activated in your php.ini

C# - Parse Twitter HashTag to link

If you want to add the hashtogs from Twitter timeline , here's how you want to do :

C# - detect string to link

detect a URL in a string and convert it to a clickable link